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What is the Status of My Export Declaration?

Once you have completed the application for an export declaration in the webshop, it is checked for completeness by our Customer Service team. If all information is filled in, the application is forwarded to HMRC. You can expect a response from HMRC within a few minutes. An application can have different statuses. You can find the status of your applications within your account under 'Order Overview'. Below we briefly explain each status.

1. Entering

In this status, you have started an application. You have not yet completed the application. This application can be edited by you via the 'Order Overview'. You can then still submit this application.

2. Received

The application has been received by HMRC. They determine whether an inspection is needed and if it will be carried out.

3. Initiated

HMRC has determined that an inspection is necessary; this can be either a document inspection or a physical inspection. You will be informed about this by our Customer Service team. Note that as long as you do not have an export declaration, the shipment cannot depart. If an application is selected for inspection outside office hours, our Customer Service team will follow up on the next working day.

4. Released

The shipment has been released by HMRC, and the export declaration will be shared by email and available for download in your 'Order Overview' under the column 'Available Documents'.

5. Followup Requested

No clearance has been done within 30 days of creating the export declaration. HMRC sends a request for a status update. This status can have the following causes:

  • Option 1: The goods have not yet been exported but will be within the next 150 days. No action is needed. Once the export takes place, clearance must still follow. After that, the application will get the status 'Completed'. If 'Completed' does not appear within a few days after export, you will reach option 3 as described below.
  • Option 2: The goods have not been exported and will not be exported. For example, the recipient has canceled the order. We request that you email our Customer Service team with information on which specific MRN should be invalidated.
  • Option 3: The goods have been exported, but the clearance was not properly processed. This could be because a different Office of Exit was used than indicated, or because HMRC did not properly process the notification. In this case, we ask that you email our Customer Service team with alternative proof for the specific MRN.

6. Completed

The clearance has been properly processed, and HMRC confirms that the goods have left the UK. Proof of Export is available for download in your 'Order Overview' under the column 'Available Documents'.

7. Registered

HMRC confirms that they have received an additional request. This could be, for example, when submitting documentation for a document inspection or providing alternative proof in the case of the status 'Followup Requested'. HMRC will carry out the inspection. If it meets their requirements, the status will change to 'Completed'.

8. Invalid

If there is an error in the application or information is missing, our Customer Service team can indicate in the customs system that the application is invalid, and this status will change to Invalid.

9. Cancelled

If the application is canceled, our Customer Service team can indicate this in the customs system, and the status will change to Cancelled.

More Information

Do you have questions about the status of your export declaration? Or are you unsure about what action to take? Feel free to contact our Customer Service team.